Corrocoat Epoxy System

Corrocoat Epoxy System is based on a solvent free epoxy. The material has excellent erosion resistance, toughness and resilient in cavitation environments. The coating is most suitable in sewage environments and especially seawater applications.

  • ・Corrocoat EA is used to build heavily corroded and/or eroded substrates and is suitable for pump casing, valve repair, etc.
  • ・Corrocoat EB is used to areas subjected to seawater or other aqueous immersion.
  • ・Corrocoat EC is the surface veil coating for use with Corrcoat EB and Corrocoat EA.
  • ・Corrocoat EP1 has similar abrasion resistance with good chemical resistance, especially in the alkaline range and some acidic environments. This material is used in pump casing, impellers, pipe bends, stirrers and diffuser drums.
  • ・Epoxy Laminating Resin. As a laminating resin, used in conjunction with multidirectional roving or other reinforcing materials.
  • ・Zip E is used for durable protection in aggressive atmospheric conditions and aquatic immersion environments.

XT FAMILY: For coating both steel and concrete surfaces, where good chemical and high temperature resistance are required, either for immersed or non-immersed service; Corrothane XT products (XTHA / XTPG / XT veil coat / XT Filler coating) are manufactures to high temperature corrosive environments, including chemicals.

Corrocoat’s EA and EB series provide a high build flexibilised epoxy system with good resistance to erosion,cavitation and impact, when used at thicknesses above 1.5mm.